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This book is not just another historical look back at the Safari, but it’s one that covers everything involved with the event from the cars, drivers & navigators, the weather, controllers, statistics and more – basically a complete all-rounder.

The Safari was such a unique event that it can never be resurrected to its former glory, and like all great events of the past it needs to be remembered – and that is what this book does.

What makes this book different from others is that it has been produced by a passionate enthusiast who has been as meticulous and as accurate as possible. The contents of this book probably make it the most comprehensive reflection of the Safari that there is. It includes graphics of the:

  •  Front covers of original documents including Souvenir Programmes & Posters
  •  Branded rally plates exactly as they were
  •  Memorabilia
  •  Banners used at the start & finish
  •  Branded crowd control barriers
  •  Prizes and finishers plaques & badges where they have been available
  •  The ramps used for the Start & Finish of each Safari
  •  Recognition of the many Sponsors over the years …… 
  •  Over 1000 pictures!

146 pages featuring:

  • Overview of each the 50 years of the Safari
  • How it all began
  • Profiles of selected drivers
  • Coup Des Dames winners
  • Hats off to the ladies
  • The Winners and the winning cars
  • Chase cars
  • Roadside Servicing
  • Team Prize winners
  • Accidents
  • Top 25 Drivers & Navigators
  • Nostalgic pictorial
  • Safari Art

And more!

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